The Baseball

Today we want to create a nice baseball in Inkscape:

Set the document size 300 x 300 pixels.

Draw a circle 300 x 300 pixel and two elipses 345 px wide, 165 px high without fill, just a 3px stroke (you can copy the first one).

Now add some guidelines and make sure that your objects snap to the guides (enable rotation point to).


Move the start and the endpoint of the both ellipses:


The basic circle is filled with a radial gradient:


Duplicate the ellipses, move it 3px away and adjust the start/endpoint. Stroke color above is a simple radial gradient.


We draw the stitch like this, just one path with the beziér-tool an two circles:


Now we need the pattern along path effect.



Edit the overlapping paths:


NICE ! ….but not enought ! 🙂


We want to have the leather texture on it.

Render a grid on your document duplicate it and rotate one of them 45°:


Combine both and add some more nodes:


Now the effect “Fractalize”:


Cut the grid using the basic cycle (Object > Clip > Set ):


Make a copy of the grid and set the stoke color to radial gradients:

The white one: White to Alpha / Opacity 40,0

Black: Alpha to Black / Opacity 20,0


Now scale the Black one to 99,6 % by using the transform dialog:


Now we have a really nice leather texture:

textureSo, we are ready. Just align all elements and the z-Order (and the stitch):

The Baseball!


Now let`s go out and play. 😉baseball104

Tutorial by Chrisdesign


2 Responses

  1. […] of you enjoyed our last episode (082) on the vector tennis ball then you will surely love the new baseball tutorial that Chris has completed. I love the clever way that Chris came up with the “leather” […]

  2. Enjoyed the tutorial. I did one of these a few days ago. I did it just about the same way as you did here. I really liked the way you adjusted the circle to an arc, for the seam, rather than mess with clipping it. Much easier 🙂

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